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Some claim it will be Baal worship to accept the new, potentially mandatory smallpox vaccine, because it is prepared in aborted fetuses cells

Revelation 9:20 says that the last days would be characterized by the worship of demons. Likewise, in 1 Cor. 10:19-20, the apostle Paul associates the eating of idolatrous sacrifices with entering into communion and fellowship with demons.

Partaking of the sacrificed victims of idolatry was an integral
part of what Paul described as "the table of demons" (1 Cor.
10:21). In 1 Cor. 10:21, the Greek word underlying the English
rendering of "table" is trapeza. Under its entry for trapeza,
Thayer's Greek Lexicon says that "to partake of a feast [or of a
sacrificed victim] prepared by demons ... [was to] enter into
communion and fellowship with the demons."

This partaking of the sacrificed victims of idolatry extended even
to the eating of human sacrifices. Alexander Hislop tells us that
"the priests of Nimrod or Baal [i.e., the sun as the idol
representing Satan] were necessarily required to eat of human
sacrifices; and thus it has come to pass that 'Cahna-Bal,' the
'Priest of Baal,' is the the established word in our own tongue for a devourer of human flesh" (Babylon Mystery Religion Ancient and Modern [Riverside, CA: Ralph Woodrow Evangelistic Association, Inc., 1966], p. 232). Satan, the sun god, was also worshipped under the name Molech--or Moloch, with its accompanying child sacrifice (cf. Jer. 19:5; 2 Kings 16:3; 21:6).

That the priests of Baal, or Satan, were cannibals is entirely
understandable. In symbolic prophecy, Satan is represented as a lower animal seeking to eat human flesh. In 1 Peter 5:8, for
example, he is likened to "a roaring lion ... seeking whom he may devour." Likewise, in Revelation 12:4 he is described
metaphorically as a monstrous reptile seeking to devour the Christ child "as soon as it was born." It should also be noted that Satan's great apostate church is described in symbolic prophecy as a great human-blood-drinking whore. She is described as being "drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus" (Rev. 17:6).

Thus murder and cannibalism are satanic. In John 8:44, Christ told the Jews that the Devil was the spiritual father of all murderers. It follows as an indisputable corollary that abortions and all vaccines derived from abortion are of a satanic origin. Such abortion-derived vaccines are actually a subtle form of cannibalism, as well as an unholy sacrament to Satan, the father of all murderers.

Abortionists are actually worse than Satan. In Revelation 12:3-4, Satan--appearing as a great "[blood] red" dragon--was willing to wait until the Christ child was actually born before devouring it. Abortionists--in order to avoid being charged with murder--only allow the child to be partially born before they begin devouring it. They leave its head inside the vagina while they insert a pair of scissors into the back of the head. Then they expand the scissors so that a high-powered suction tube can be inserted. The child's brains are then extracted and the cells are used in research, often being transplanted into live individuals.

Other aborted fetal cell lines, such as MRC-5, WI-38, and PER C6 are used in the manufacture of vaccines: .

Health officials with the Food and Drug Administration say that the new mandatory smallpox vaccine "will be prepared in MRC-5 cells" - a line of aborted fetal cells dating back
to 1966 - because that method is more efficient (see, Sunday, November 18, 2001, "Biological War Fear," by Jon Dougherty, at:

In conclusion, vaccines are a perfect manifestation of
everything that is satanic. They represent an adulterous and
arrogant tampering with divine creation, based on the intellectual
conceit of "perfecting" creation. They are poisonous, containing
derivatives from metals such as mercury and aluminum, and from preservatives such as formaldehyde. They are made from the celllines and viruses of biblically unclean animals such as monkeys, cats, etc. Worst of all, they are made from the cell lines of premeditatedly murdered children. When such abortion-derived vaccines are injected into other living human beings, a subtle form of cannibalism has occurred, a satanic sacrament has been partaken of, straight from the "table of demons" (1 Cor. 10:21).

As the yearly celebration of Hanukkah approaches, we should remember the brave Jews who resisted the command of Antiochus Epiphanes to eat unclean things. Any clause in the recently passed Homeland Security Bill which makes smallpox vaccinations mandatory is a clear violation of our first amendment rights and should be resisted and rescinded.

Mandatory smallpox vaccinations are a subtle form of Baal worship. If the political and economic elite wish to worship Baal, that is their business; but the rest of us should not be forced to participate in such worship through mandatory cannibalism in the form of abortion-derived vaccines. In the mandatory vaccinations clause of the Homeland Security Bill, the elite have passed a law "respecting an establishment of [their] religion" and "prohibiting the free exercise" of religion by anyone not wishing to participate in such Baal worship.

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